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MOULIN ROUGE Daffodil Yellow

JChampion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Slovenia, Luxemburg, Belarus,
Champion of National SBT Club,
2xChampion of Terrier-Union of Russia, Champion of RKF,
Bundessieger 2005 Vice-Champion

staffordshire bull terrier

L-2-HGA & HC - clear


Pedigree for MOULIN ROUGE Daffodil Yellow:

Ch Ita
Ringmaster Quest for Fame
Bronxton Darius
Visstaff Invincible Mile Of Chassuki
Odenda Gypsy Rose of Bronxton
Ringmaster Inca Queen Booker T of Ringmaster
Ringmaster Fast Boogie
Ch Inter, VDH, Lux, Pol, Club
Fanny Girl Daffodil Yellow
Ch Inter, Czech, Pol, Club
Conundrum Daffodil Yellow
Ch Pol
Chief Ambassador At Dumbriton
Azure Annemone Vom Beauty Domicil
Ch Inter, VDH, Lux, Pol, Czech, Ita, Club
Anouschke Daffodill Yellow
Ch Inter, VDH, Lux
Wyrefare Tony's Choice
Abracadabra Master Tans


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